Thursday, January 16, 2020

Editorial Cartoons for 1/16/20

Moscow Mitch, Let the Press do its Job

The Political Prince of Darkness-Grim Reaper-Obstructionist in Chief-Enemy of the People-Moscow Mitch McConnell wants to put limits on the Press during the Senate Impeachment Trial.
These restrictions, reported by the Associated Press, include the corraling of journalists to a “designated area” which would hinder reporters asking Senators questions in the hallway and a security check to ensure writers do not bring electronic devices into the Impeachment trial proceedings. This move by the real Enemy of the People has already been condemned by a bipartisan group of Senators including Amy Klobuchar, Roy Blunt, and John Kennedy.
Why is Moscow Mitch afraid of the Press?
Like the situation with the calling of witnesses, if Donald Trump is so innocent and the Republican defense of him is answering the call of righteousness, why fear reporters asking questions?  Why be scared of what the witnesses have to say on live television for all the American People to see?
The obvious answer is the Enemy of the People knows Donald Trump is guilty of high crimes and his people, with each passing day of new revelations (Parnas seems to be a gold mine of information,) look worse to the American People for their blind, cultish protection of him.
The Political Prince of Darkness is worried that if journalists are allowed unlimited access to Senators, his members will not be able to give coherent justifiable defenses to the revelations about Individual One they hear during the trial.
The odds would then dramatically increase that he loses his precious Senate Majority on November 3, 2020.
Citizens should call their Representatives and Senators and tell them that it is UnAmerican to place restrictions on the press during the third impeachment trial of a United States President in History.
Moscow Mitch should follow the guidance of fellow Republicans Blunt and Kennedy rather than the example of Putin and other dictators and let the reporters do their jobs.

Tuesday, January 14, 2020

Do not let Republicans in this Administration get us into another Middle East War with false intelligence.

Some thoughts on tonight's Democratic Debate.

There were no home runs.

Each candidate had good and not so good moments.

Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg had good closing statements.

Tom Steyer and Pete Buttigieg gave the most polished performances of all six candidates.

Steyer clearly benefited the most from only having six candidates on stage.

Biden, Klobuchar, and Sanders seemed to stumble several times.

Elizabeth Warren seemed to recapture the Happy Warrior Persona except when interacting with Bernie Sanders. The exchange between them after the debate will garner more press attention than the actual debate.

The good news for Bernie Sanders is he was consistent in his ideas. The bad news for Bernie Sanders is he was consistent in his ideas.

Amy Klobuchar put forth very good arguments for practical progressivism and her candidacy. Unfortunately, unlike her previous recent performances, she probably only hit a double or triple when she needed a home run. Her post-debate comments on CNN and MSNBC helped.