Friday, August 31, 2018

Idea of the Week: Public Financing of Campaigns and Clean Elections

This has been offered before but we need public financing of campaigns. We can no longer have Dark Money or Shadow Interests pull our public servants on puppet strings made of tiny folded and wadded cash. It is not good for Democracy and it promotes oligarchy and plutocracy. We need to have public financing of campaigns.

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Operation Finale

Book of the Week

How Fascism Works: The Politics of Us and Them by Jason Stanley

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Thursday, August 30, 2018

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Coming Together, Fighting On and Turning the nation blue: A Case Study in Arizona


These people are citizens.

The State Department, most likely at the behest of the KKK endorsed candidate and the Confederate loving Attorney General, are denying the renewal of passport applications and, in some cases, detaining Hispanic American Citizens (some of them military veterans) on the border states, claiming that proof like birth certificates, voter id cards, and social security cards are not sufficient exhibits to proof citizenship. This is pure fecal matter. This administration and its whites-only allies will do anything, "by hook or crook" to deny and take away rights from our own people just because of the color of their skin or what their last name sounds like. Shame on them and shame on us if we do not vote these bums out in the midterms and the 2020 Presidential Elections.

You thought Barrack Obama was a snob and looked down on poor white people, the supporters of the KKK endorsed candidate should look at their "Duce" more closely and see who is the snobbiest of them all with his comments about loving the uneducated and sticking it to them with policies that only hurt them in the short term and long run..

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Wednesday, August 29, 2018

The Hypocrisy of Evangelicals

If Evangelicals can embrace the KKK endorsed candidate while ignoring the words of Jesus, they are not people of God. The members of their flock should recognize this and find alternative Houses of God to worship in.

It is not John McCain's Republican Party anymore. Sinema should do a Clinton and go after the McCain family endorsement.

Even as he was dying in Sedona, it was astounding how much the Republican candidates in the Arizona Senate Primary did not seek Senator John McCain's advise in this election season. Kelli Ward actually had the audacity to say that she thought the McCain announcement of stopping his cancer treatment was timed to break the momentum of her campaign. Joe Arpaio said the KKK endorsed candidate was his hero. Even Martha McSally, whose background is the most in common with McCain, steered toward the alt-right wing of the party and ignored questions about the legacy of Jeff Flake, the man she is running to replace.

In 1996, Bill Clinton became the first Democratic President since 1948 to win the State of Arizona. No Democrat has won since. He did it by getting the endorsement of conservative icon and Reagan forerunner Barry Goldwater who in his final years felt the social conservative wing of the Republican Party had become too intransigent for him.

In her bid to become the first Democratic Senator in Arizona since Dennis DeConcini, Kyrsten Sinema would do well to learn from Bill Clinton and inquire about the possibility, when decency permits, of securing the endorsement of one or more of the McCain family. Senator McCain was always more conservative than Center Right (or moderate) but this incarnation of the Party of Lincolns reflects the values of his greatest mistake, Sarah Palin and the current occupant of the White House. If alive and healthy, he would probably not make it out of the first Republican Presidential Caucus today. Maybe his family realizes that.

They are not even being discrete about their dog whistles anymore.

Less than 24 hours after receiving his parties nomination for Governor, Republican Ron De Santis went on Fox news and said that Florida voters "shouldn't monkey this up by embracing a socialist agenda." To all observers with an IQ over mental retardation, this was a dog whistle to the rednecks and racists in the Panhandle who watch Fox to turn out in November because the Democratic nominee is African American.

It is astounding that thanks to the cover provided by the KKK endorsed candidate and popular vote loser, that candidates like this thing (who broadcast a commercial of him playing with his child on building a wall and reading a book authored by Trump saying "you're fired.") do not seem to be bothered by being direct about his racism. 

Floridians need to recognize DeSantis for what he is and defeat him in November.

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Tuesday, August 28, 2018

McCain's rationale for having Bush II and Obama give eulogies at his funeral.

More examples that the Popular Vote Loser and his Congressional allies are ignorant thugs and Big Brother Wannabe's.

Another day and more examples that the Popular Vote Loser and KKK endorsed candidate (and his allies) are ignorant thugs, wannabe Big Brothers, and unfit for the offices they hold.

First, the KKK endorsed candidate said that Google is purposely skewing their search engines to broadcast negative stories about him and his administration on top of the search results above the positive stories. He has promised to investigate. He obviously is living in a Big Brother Bubble and cannot fathom (like his followers) that most of what he does is negative.

Second, along with his minions in Congress, the once head lawyer at the Justice Department in charge of investigating the Russian Mob is being scrutinized by White House loyalists among the Freedom Caucus for his handling of the Christopher Steele Memo. Does the KKK candidate mow Putin's grass as well?

Finally, The KKK endorsed candidate and popular vote loser had the nerve to say that things will get violent if Democrats win the midterms. This is after he said last week that we would all be poor and the stock market would crash if he was impeached.

VOTE AND REMOVE THIS PERSON AND HIS ALLIES FROM OFFICE THIS YEAR, 2020 AND BEYOND. This is a rationale and perspective we do not need among our public servants.

Interesting articles from Katrina Vanden Heuvel, Robert Reich, Robert Kuttner,

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The Lincoln Project Points out Trump's many flaws in "Regret"

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