Sunday, June 10, 2018

How do you conduct a meeting with FEMA and not spend more than a sentence or two on Puerto Rico?

The President spent a meeting with FEMA officials talking virtually about everything but matters related to disaster relief or preparedness. This is especially distressful considering there are still parts of the United States and its territories like Puerto Rico that really require substantial and continual assistance. The President has done this before, talking about himself and what he perceives as his accomplishments at gatherings like a pep talk at the C.I.A., Boy Scouts, and the Coast Guard graduation. He tweeted about the unemployment rate on a tweet saluting the sacrifice of our servicemen on Memorial Day. It was inappropriate to bring these topics on those occasions and it is inappropriate when you are supposed to be discussing preparing for the next disaster and cleaning up after the last one.  This is just another example of how this President does not take the needs of the people to heart. The people would be better with one that does.

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