Saturday, June 9, 2018

It is time to think of ways to let people buy into Medicare or Medicaid

The President's Justice Department is siding with Anti Affordable Care Act advocates in their lawsuit to more components of the Health Care law, including the part that mandates that people with preexisting conditions cannot be denied care.

While this lawsuit will take years to make its way through the courts, the Democrats have and will continue to ram this move by the President down his and allies throats in every campaign ad going into this and the 2020 election. This may be the final nail in the Republicans electoral coffin if you do not think possible treason by potential collusion and obstruction by the Trump campaign or restoring decency and competence to our government are not reason enough.

This is also an opportunity for Democrats and Progressives to advance plans, already being considered by almost a dozen states, to expand Medicaid or have their citizens buy into it.

It seems that we may eventually get Universal Health Care, piecemeal, after all.

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